Ontario Chamber of Commerce

The Clearview Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce as of this January 2019.  As such there are many benefits to our members with being associated with the OCC.

One of those benefits is that they share information out to us for our review and knowledge.  

Currently the OCC is working to help our local businesses with information and offers.

Information Webinars

COVID-19 Webinars To Help Support You found here at https://occ.ca/webinars/

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has partnered with our members to provide you with up to date information to support your business. 

RAP banner

Recovery Activation Program (RAP)

RAP is a program designed to help small and medium sized businesses to assess and develop their digital maturity, making them stronger companies, supporting a growth agenda and aiding their resiliency to manage even significant events like the current COVID-19 crisis.  For more information we have a PDF Here for you or you can check out the website at https://wtctoronto.com/scaleup/rap/

Business and Employee Supports

For OCC Support information:  https://occ.ca/covid19-supportforbusinesses/


Other Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits for the OCC can be found at https://occ.ca/affinity-programs/