Chamber Dollars (Gift Certificates)

As a means to keep dollars in our own community, the Chamber issues “Chamber Dollars” gift certificates that we ask members to honour and we will redeem these vouchers promptly upon presentation to the Chamber.

Redemption by our residents and visitors:

  1. Chamber Dollars are accepted at our Chamber member’s stores.
  2. Look for the current Chamber Logo on the store’s front door to know where to use your dollars.
  3. Sign the back of the Chamber Dollars and submit to the store for products and services.

Redemption by Chamber Member stores:

  1. Verify that the date is valid and the Chamber dollars bear the signature of the president.
  2. Ask the customer to sign the back of the gift certificate where indicated.
  3. Forward the endorsed voucher to Charlene Lewis, President and we will promptly reimburse your business. You can call Charlene for pickup of the voucher 705-428-3102.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at the above number if you have questions. These Chamber Dollars are also available for sale by contacting us. Thank you.

Chamber Dollar Example
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