About the Clearview Chamber

Town Hall
Picture courtesy of Mathilda Frost

The Chamber is operated by a group of volunteers from local businesses just like you. The Chamber works together as a group to make a bigger impact to help each other and our community. With our members, we are able to take advantage of our partnerships and as a group, we are able to leverage our resources, experiences, and skills to more successfully impact our community.

Your participation is voluntary and as a group we can make a difference that we can't make all alone.

Membership with the Clearview Chamber of Commerce contributes to the economic health and growth of our area through events, partnerships, community projects and our voice with Clearview Township.

Our events keep the community engaged and present to our local issues. Being a member has the opportunity to help you grow your business, make more contacts, and save money to your bottom line.  Additionally, being a member has the opportunity for all of us to make a bigger difference in our local economy and community.



The Clearview Chamber of Commerce advocates for its members by providing meaningful, educational and supportive resources for businesses. It offers additional platforms for networking, marketing and promotion, and drives a stronger local economy through its events. Working closely with other likeminded organizations helps accomplish these goals and create a stronger economic community.

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